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Arrow Enterprises, LLC offers services to rehabilitate your performance horse using the Equi-Stem Leg Saver. Contact us to schedule a Leg Saver treatment for your horse. We use the Leg Saver because it helps the horse's body to heal itself. Rather than spending a lot of time and money on treating symptoms, we can treat the underlying problem to help the horse reach his or her peak performance. We use the Leg Saver to keep our horses working at their best and you can too!

We are also a certified dealer for the Equi-Stem Leg Saver so if you are interested in purchasing your own Leg Saver package to treat horses yourself, we can help you get started. The package comes with an instructional DVD and binder showing complete detail on treatments ranging from tying up to hind end soreness.

Please contact us for more information. You can send an e-mail to arrowllc@gmail.com or call 928-231-9326.
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First time treatments are only $50. If your horse is sore, take advantage of this special offer to help your horse heal faster and improve your times.

Treatments Available:
Broodmare Treatments for Stronger Foals
Bucked Shins and Popped Splints
Check Ligament and Bowed Tendon
Colic and Stomach Ulcers
Enhancing Performance
Fetlock and Suspensory
Hind End Soreness 
Lung Bleeding and Asthma
Open Wound
Tying Up or Azoturia
Strengthening the Immune System

The most popular 
barrel horse treatment
is Hind End Soreness.
It treats the SI joint, the bai hui, 
and the whirlbone. Nearly all barrel
horses will benefit from this treatment
because their hind end is under a lot of stress
when turning at high speed. Most horses will improve
 their times after a hind end treatment. Another common
 treatment barrel horses need is Tying Up. Many barrel horses experience low levels of tying up without obvious symptoms but 
the horse will be anxious, stiff, and experience a drop in performance.